I have been in practice for 27 years, have specific training and skills, and had a specific relocation challenge for her. In her tireless efforts to find this fit, she found the perfect practice for me, and the expectant dentist. We had our first meeting and it was instant rapport. This was not an easy task. We had made a first match, had 2 visits only to be rejected. But Marsha was encouraging and relentless in her search. We had many evening conversations, emails and detailed discussions of the possibilities. She is definitely a people-person, and I felt a bond with her because of her personality and perseverance. She researched each possibility according to my requirements, and researched the working personality of the dentist and the office. She also gave me updates and requested updates in return. One day, I hope to meet her, and shake her hand for what she has done for me. I have nothing but the highest regard for her and would recommend her to any of my dentist friends who seek a position in her territory.

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