The rest of the corporate America is dealing with what pediatric practices have known for years: it’s tough to attract and retain top talent. Even when you find a promising candidate, you can find yourself in a fight to be the practice he or she chooses. 

Here are some things you can do to be “battle ready.” 

Be sure the salary is in-line with modern trends.

ETS Pediatric can help with this. It is easy to lose touch with the salary needs of promising young candidates. That said, money is not the only consideration when candidates seek out a new position.

Be open about your corporate culture.

Point out the things you think make your practice unique. Don’t let a candidate leave your office without knowing who you are.

Offer seminar and continuing education opportunities.

Encouraging and facilitating career development is a great way to not only attract new talent to your practice, but to retain new hires for the long-term as well.

Consider a signing bonus, relocation help, housing bonus, or other perks to seal the deal.

It may not be an expense you had factored into your offer, but if it gets you the candidate you want, it’s well worth it. A one-time bonus or expense won’t have an impact on your long-term cash flow, but could change a candidate’s decision. 

Remember that work/life balance has become highly prized among candidates.

Be sure they know about your expectations, areas in which you can be flexible, and benefits that extend outside of the office, such as wellness programs.

Present a clear plan for their career advancement.

Make sure candidates understand the career path that is open to them and what the process would be to allow them to grow.

Structure a candidate’s visit so that they can see the best parts of your practice.

Do what you can to allow the candidate to see themselves as a part of the practice, including where their office would be located or where their parking spot would be.


At ETS Pediatric, we’re here to help you win. We find you great candidates who are predisposed to working for you, pre-sell the benefits of your practice, and help make a smooth hand-off so you can bring them home and grow your business. To start a search for your next great associate, contact us today!

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