With some states in the beginning stages of lifting isolation restrictions and making small, careful steps toward a new normal after the COVID-19 crisis, many of the practice owners we talk to have already started planning for how things will look in the latter part of 2020 and into next year. For some, patient demand will spike to a new high once restrictions are lifted, ushering in a new wave of business and, along with it, the need to expand your current team for the long haul.

If you’ve been considering the addition of a new team member to your practice, here are a few things to think through as you plan ahead:

Prioritize needs based on demand

Based on the location of your practice, how much could your patient base grow over the next year? What about five years? Are you practice’s challenges treatment-based and solvable by adding an associate, or are there administrative needs that need to be addressed first?

There is always value in stepping back and thinking through your practice’s current needs rather than jumping directly into the hiring process.

Don’t panic hire

In football, when a team desperately needs a touchdown and time is expiring, the quarterback sends all of his receivers to the end zone and throws the ball as far as he can in hopes of a miraculous touchdown catch. It works less than four times out of a hundred.

Hiring out of desperation is akin to making a Hail Mary pass in football. There is a minimal chance you might get lucky, but it’s more likely that you’ll end up with a fruitless effort. And a bad hire is an expensive, high-risk gamble that could very easily end in disaster. As patient demand picks back up and your schedule becomes full, don’t resort to panic hiring – instead, plan ahead now, while things are still calm, and start the process as early as possible.

Call ETS when you’re ready

We understand that in many cases, practice owners take on the job of trying to find qualified staff all on their own. While the effort is admirable, the end result is often costly in terms of both time and money, and sorting through stacks of unqualified applicants can be draining, even if you have a bit of extra time to spare in the coming weeks.

At ETS, we spend every day looking for qualified associate candidates for practices just like yours. Our recruiters work with you to define your needs, pre-screen candidates, arrange introductions, and simplify your hiring process. We increase the likelihood your practice will land an excellent fit to grow your practice.

If you’ve been thinking about the future of your practice lately, contact ETS today!

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