As a practice owner, you’re probably already aware that you can save yourself a lot of headaches if you can retain good employees instead of retraining new ones. While employee benefits can play an important role in helping retain staff, not all perks are created equal. Here are some employee perks that don’t always work as well as intended:

  1. Special privileges for new hires: Make no mistake – it’s competitive out there. We routinely see good candidates with four or more job offers. But when you give a perk to a new hire, you are immediately faced with the issue of what to do about existing associates. Inequity breeds discontent and can lead to losing a great long-term employee, so proceed with caution.
  2. Awards and recognitions: Things like an “associate of the month” award or “outstanding office” if you have multiple locations can seem like an inducement to excel, but for every winner, there are more losers. Try to tie recognitions to measurable analytics and always err to the side of generosity when recognizing people.
  3. Mandatory fun: Luncheons or dinners should be voluntary, not required. No matter where your heart is, an employee’s time outside the office is their own.
  4. Generic gifting: Many companies offer perks like gift cards or small presents for holidays or as spot recognition. Take the time to consider what your employee wants…don’t give a steakhouse gift card to a vegan. The thought associated with a gift or recognition that was chosen specifically for an employee far outweighs the monetary value.
  5. Phone reimbursement can be a hang-up: Many employees consider a phone reimbursement to be a message that you expect them to be on duty 24/7. If your company pays for the telephone, there are also legal concerns about who owns the device and the data.
  6. Private office / open office: Some people thrive on community; others require relative quiet to focus. Finding the right mix for your office is difficult and can change over time.

It’s challenging to find a balance that will keep everyone happy. Sooner or later, you’ll lose an associate. Working with ETS can help prevent such loses and after all, that’s what we’re here for. Call ETS to make your next hiring experience a little less stressful.

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