Happy New Year

The big ball has dropped. The champagne has popped. The calendar page has turned. 

A lot of the planning for 2020 has probably already taken place. Now it’s time to start the “doing” portion of the program. 

If your practice is ready to hire a new associate, we are entering the nexus between the perfect time to hire and the greatest availability of candidates. 

First, the good news: more potential superstar hires are on the move this time of year. Professionals at all levels reevaluate the future and their happiness in their current positions at the start of the new year. Maybe they long to move to an area that better serves their personal or family interests. There is a litany of good reasons to try to improve one’s station in life.

Now the bad news: competition tends to be fiercer in January and February, as these are peak hiring months for many practices. Historically, there are more job openings in January and February for pediatric associates than any other time of the year. 

In effect, there are significantly more buyers and sellers than usual. Looking for the right new hire in January can feel like being at the mall on Christmas Eve. Here are a few guidelines to help you make sure you get a good value for the long run in your practice:

Establish what you want in an associate.

Have clear goals and an understanding of the role you want them to fill in your practice.

Understand the candidate’s motivation for choosing your practice.

This is a busy time of the year and some candidates like the attention as they pursue their next position. Even if you are successful in securing a job-hopping candidate, you may end up with a short-term hire if the candidate’s career goals aren’t aligned with your opportunity. What makes them not only a fit, but the right fit?

Check references

It’s easy to transition into the honeymoon phase of the hiring process and ignore checking references, but doing a bit of digging on your potential new hire is essential to securing a long-term fit for your practice. While larger practices often have restrictive reference policies that don’t provide hiring managers much info to go on, repeated lukewarm references could be a red flag, so be vigilant for any warning signs that suggest your potential new hire fell short of a previous employer’s expectations (and learn why).

At ETS Pediatric, we simplify your search for a new associate. We fully vet candidates before you meet them, check references, and learn their long term career goals and aspirations. We present only candidates who have a sincere interest in your practice and position. Most importantly, we represent candidates who are not only actively looking to change jobs but who are looking for the right opportunity. We also present your practice to candidates with independent authority. Working with ETS allows you to focus on the candidates themselves, rather than getting caught up in the minutia of the screening and hiring process.  

Contact us today and we’ll help you navigate today’s complex employment process.

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