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Pediatric practices across the country are going to take some time to rebound in the wake of the COVID-19 shutdowns. This will surely delay or slow down the hiring of Associates, thus delaying your ability to get interviews or firm start dates. Nevertheless, don’t stop any of your efforts to apply and market yourself to practices. One great way to build and strengthen your brand is through a personal website and LinkedIn profile.

These days, building a strong personal brand online can go a long way in helping you stand out from other Pediatricians as a more highly skilled professional. When executed properly, your brand becomes synonymous with thought leadership and a persona that potential employers welcome into their organizations. Therefore, creating a custom website or portfolio, as well as having a detailed and complete LinkedIn profile page are crucial to your career success.

Creating a website can be done cheaply by creating a WordPress account, hosting your site through Squarespace, or other avenues easily found online. These options are available for low annual fees and are easily implemented with very few technical skills.

To help you shine online, here are some tips you can follow:

1) Emphasize your unique personality and skillset. This is especially important if you want to stand out. Pediatricians must clearly communicate the skills they can bring to a practice, detailing their knowledge of the most up-to-date procedures and treatments as well as highlighting experience in educating patients about diet, hygiene, and effective disease prevention methods.

2) Research other pediatrician websites and profiles. Make a detailed list of what they’ve included on their sites. This can give you a strong place to start.

3) Don’t forget about the power of social media for your job hunt, especially LinkedIn. Today, the job search platform is critical to anyone’s hunt and a link to your profile page should be included on your resume for employers and recruiters to explore. Make sure you include a link to your personal website as well!

4) Be active on LinkedIn. Use your voice and interact with your online network. It’s amazing what you can gain from this platform. Post regular updates, videos, and useful articles. Be sure to update your profile information when necessary. Keep it professional, but use a bit of your personality. This isn’t Facebook or Twitter, but it’s perfectly fine to post some humor or lightheartedness when appropriate.

By hosting a personal website and having a LinkedIn profile available, you can easily establish an integrated strategy to illustrate your experience, skills, intelligence, and more.

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