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There was a time that you literally had to be a computer scientist to create a website promoting your expertise. With the rise of Wix, Squarespace, WordPress, and other platforms, chances are you can create a website or find someone who can do one for you affordably. 

If your name is an available domain (such as, you should probably reserve it even if you aren’t planning on developing it for some time. There may be a day where you consider opening your own practice, writing a book, offering expert witness services, or teaching salsa dancing. At the cost of less than a couple of large pizzas per year, protecting the potential to develop your personal brand makes sense. 

A personal website is a great way to present your credentials. It puts all of your information in one place and can lead to job offers. At worst, it’s a convenient place to guide people should they need more information about you. 

A personal website can be a great way to express your creativity or present your expertise and thought leadership on professional topics. 

It can be a way to pursue other interests and hobbies. It is also handy if you are looking to do speaking engagements or part-time academia. 

For most people, a personal website is something worth considering. Some bosses may take notice of your personal promotion. The only downside is that it offers another way for your personal and professional information to be “out there” on the internet, but for most this isn’t a legitimate concern. 

If you’re looking for your personal brand ambassador, call ETS. Our recruiters will actively promote you for positions that meet your career and personal goals.

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