Unless your practice exists in a place where there is virtually no competition, you probably already understand the importance of branding in terms of attracting new patients. Branding is everything that influences a patient’s attitude and perception of your office…from the logo to the office aesthetics, to the overall patient experience. 

Until recently, very few practice owners have considered the flip-side of branding: the employer brand. Today, we find ourselves firmly ensconced in a market where good candidates have multiple offers, and retaining high performers is more complicated than ever before. This competitive atmosphere makes considering your employer brand more critical than ever before. 

It may hardly seem fair, but the journey of creating an employer brand is the same whether you have a local practice in a small town in the Midwest or a sweeping national presence. An employer brand is not an onboarding thing; it’s an ongoing necessity. 

Here are a few simple things you can do to establish your employment brand:

1)  Create a Careers page on your website that talks about your practice’s values.

Make it easy to make initial contact by including a contact form for interested candidates.

2) Highlight employees on your website. 

Be sure to shine a spotlight on team members who go above and beyond their normal duties, and always celebrate milestones and accomplishments.

3) Get frequent feedback from your team, whether you have a team of 8 or 800.

What are you doing well as an employer? What could be done to make their employment experience more enjoyable? Candid feedback is the key to creating a positive work environment and employer brand.

4) Be active in good causes in your community that are supported by your staff. 

Get your office involved with local charities, fundraisers, food drives, and community service events that give back to those in need.

5) Consider creating a presence on Glassdoor and encourage employees to write positive reviews. 

In today’s digital age, having a positive online presence is everything, and your employer brand is no different. Having a positive public perception of how it is to work in your practice is a great way to attract new talent to your organization and quickly build up your employer brand.

6)   Spend time thinking about your company culture

Look for people who not only fit your corporate needs but will also enjoy the experience of being part of your team. Before making a hire based on desperation, read the previously published blog on the cost of a bad hire here

Ultimately, an employer brand is not something a practice owner imagines into existence; it is a reflection of what we are. In considering your brand, take an honest look at how it is to work at your practice, and sprinkle in aspirations of how you can become even better. 

If you’re looking for a new associate, contact ETS. We have decades of experience, and no one talks to more qualified candidates than our team of recruiters. We focus on making successful long-term professional relationships by matching candidates that are specifically interested in your type of practice and possess the skills you need to move forward.

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