holiday party

How times have changed. For some professional organizations, the big holiday party no longer has the same appeal as it did in years past. An open bar can present more legal and liability issues than fathomable. And let’s not even approach the Christmas vs. Holiday vs. Winter conundrum. 

Here are a few alternatives your team might enjoy in lieu of an expensive dinner. Plus, you’ll reduce your team’s stress around the busy holiday season with one less holiday gathering to attend. 

Instead of a dinner, make it a lunch

You can either cater it in or have it at a local restaurant, depending on your needs. If possible, close early that day. If the reality of your busy office precludes closing early but you would still like to do something for your staff, rotate afternoons off across a manageable schedule. 

Gift extravaganza

Do a simple gift card exchange or “Dirty Santa” game. Here are some sample Dirty Santa rules for the uninitiated, but feel free to change as you see fit. Here’s the wrinkle…you bring in all the gifts or gift cards. Your employees arrive to a big stack of gifts. You can do it in the morning or as an afternoon “staff” meeting. Don’t forget the snacks! 

Acts of service

Virtually every community has children who have no prospects of a Christmas or senior citizens who are short of friendship and food. Groups like the Boys and Girls Clubs or LOA will likely have volunteer opportunities you can easily plug into. 

And if you’re looking for a gift for yourself this year, consider a brilliant new associate. The holidays tend to be a difficult time to recruit, but we’re on the case every day to help match great practices with great candidates.

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