If you would like to be considered for an opportunity with ETS, send an email with your cover letter and resume to hrdir@etsrecruit.com, then call 540.491.9113 and leave a message with your contact information and a brief explanation of why this opportunity may be a good fit for both you and ETS. Our goal is to add two or three team members a year.

ETS Awards

Our mission is to be a long-term career destination for highly motivated, smart, ethical recruiters interested in building their business and career within our three niche dominant recruiting practices. Our three recruiting practices are:

    • ETS Pediatric – Specializes in finding and placing Pediatricians and Pediatric Specialists with independent practices across the country.
    • ETS Pediatric – Specializes in finding and placing Obstetricians, Gynecologists, and Pediatric’s with independent practices across the country.
    • ETS Dental – Specializes in finding and placing Dentists, Dental Specialists and Dental Practice Leaders with independent Dental Practices across the country.
    • ETS Vision – Specializes in finding and placing Optometrists and Ophthalmologists with Eye Care practice clients across the country.
    • ETS Tech-Ops – Specializes in finding and placing Materials Science and Technology Product Development professionals.
    • PMC Recruit – Specializes in finding and placing qualified Practice Managers and Administrators with Dental, Medical, and Eye Care Practices across the country.

Most of our tenured Account Executives/Recruiters (AE’s) had no previous Recruiting Experience prior to joining ETS. If you are seeking a long-term career opportunity where you truly make a difference in the lives of the clients and candidates you serve, ETS may have the opportunity for you. Career Path:

  • Everyone joins ETS as a Recruiter Support Associate.
  • Each Recruiter Support Associate learns the business by supporting our team of tenured AE’s. (110 Marketing calls daily; Candidate Research; Numerous Database update projects)
  • It may take six to twenty-four months to earn the opportunity to become an AE. You need to be ready and ETS needs to be ready. Launching a new desk is a huge commitment for the entire team so everyone needs to be ready.
  • When a Recruiter Support Associate transitions to a new desk, he or she takes responsibility for developing their own recruiting business within one of our proven recruiting practices. ETS offers full support in training, database research, database construction, and marketing support for the new AE.
  • Each AE continually works together with other AE’s in their practice and the entire Recruiter Support Team to build a “category killer” practice that serves the needs of clients and candidates better than anyone else.
  • When an AE establishes themselves as an expert by exceeding annual and lifetime cash-in, there is the opportunity to advance to a Director or Vice President role. That way, the AE continues to run his or her own business while giving back by serving as a coach and mentor to other AE’s and team members who are developing their recruiting businesses at ETS.

Why joining ETS may be the best career move you could make:

Many of our established AE’s have built successful businesses within our business. After a few years of hard work, many routinely earn a six-figure income within a proven business model and never had to bet their life savings on a new business start-up.

Successful AE’s have come to us as:  Early career college graduates; College educated parents returning to the work-force; Entrepreneurs who needed to transition out of their previous business; Experienced, successful professionals interested in an entrepreneurial career path without the cost and risk of a business start-up.

ETS doesn’t offer a get-rich-quick opportunity. Building a successful recruiting business takes years of hard work and dedication. Recruiter Support Associates make from $25-$31k. First and second year recruiters typically earn from $30-$80k. Many of our tenured Recruiters consistently earn six-figure incomes. It all depends on you! We want each AE to earn as much as they can. Your success and income potential is only limited by how hard you work, the quality of questions you ask and where you spend your time.

When it comes right down to it, most people are not cut out to be recruiters. You need to be an excellent listener, an excellent communicator, have excellent planning skills and be willing to make nearly one thousand individual networking calls and email contacts weekly. At any given time, our AE’s may be having a discussion about: Advances in Dental Implant Technology; Expected compensation levels for an early career Optometrist; Quality of schools and cost of living in Ft. Wayne, IN; or the manufacturing process advances for one of our clients’ nano-technology products.

When you place a Dentist, Optometrist, Ophthalmologist, or Materials Science Engineer, you profoundly impact that person’s life. What’s more, you impact the life of the client, co-workers and family members who depend on them. This year, the ETS team will place hundreds of professionals who will positively impact thousands of lives. That is what this business is about.

ETS is truly a career destination. We want our AE’s to spend the rest of their career with us. We invest in their tools, technology and training accordingly.  If you don’t see yourself here for at least five years, there is no need to apply. Everybody starts as a Recruiter Support Associate regardless of their age or professional experience. When the business is ready and once you’ve had the opportunity to learn the business and prove you are a fit with our team, you will have the opportunity to start your recruiting business within one of our practices. It doesn’t stop there – promotion opportunities exist for those who have achieved certain career milestones. Even our most tenured recruiters learn and grow every day.

ETS began as Executive Talent Search in 2000 and is affiliated with the MRINetwork: the largest and most successful group of independent recruiting firms in the world.  We’ve grown every year since our inception from a single recruiter, Mark Kennedy, to more than twenty team members. After nearly a decade and a half and two recessions, ETS is recognized in the top 3% of all 700+ world-wide MRINetwork recruiting firms.

ETS offers the best of both worlds for a professional seeking an entrepreneurial career path. We offer: Income stability; Health, Dental; 401k match; Long-term Disability; A Business Casual work environment; And even an in-house work-out facility. Our work is office based and conducted over the phone and internet.  No travel or very limited travel is required. Our successful AE’s have been able to strike a balance between working hard every day and being able to periodically step away for family obligations such as school functions and soccer games.

Four Year Degree (or equivalent); Excellent listening, phone, written, computer, internet research and planning skills; Committed to self-improvement; Highly Ethical; Financially-motivated; Solid work ethic; And track record of previous success.

If you would like to be considered for an opportunity with ETS, send an email with your cover letter and resume to hrdir@etsrecruit.com, then call 540.491.9113 and leave a message with your contact information and a brief explanation of why this opportunity may be a good fit for both you and ETS. Our goal is to add two or three team members a year.